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Importing a Russian Spaniel puppy from Russia to the USA?

Are we crazy???

We asked RSC members who have imported their dogs through the club to write a few sentences about their experiences with importation of a Russian Spaniel puppy into the USA. Here is what they had to say...

We had no trouble acquiring our Russian Spaniel. We were not hesitant at all about importing him. The Russian Spaniel club was helpful in explaining the procedure and in acquiring our pup. It was painless.

Peggy Fitt, owner of Rimsky-Korsakov (Rimi), Houston, TX

Getting our dog Riley here from Russia was so easy. So many people were skeptical when I told them I was importing a Russian Spaniel - no one could believe I wired the money and really believed I would actually get a dog, never mind a healthy dog, in return! Anna kept in touch via email so we knew the progress of Riley's shots, and once he got them, we knew it would be about 30 days. He came into San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon, we picked up the paperwork at the cargo terminal, took it to customs, they stamped it, then we took it back and got our dog!! It took less than an hour after he landed to have him. Riley is the most amazing dog - smart and loyal. He has been with us for going on two weeks and he fits right in with the family, is "almost" potty trained, sleeps 9 hours through the night, and has a clean bill of health from our vet. Her comment after his visit was "you've got yourself one wonderful dog" and we agree!

Kim Wolkenmuth, owner of Riley, Danville, CA


We had been waiting to add a dog to our life for a long time. When I started looking for one, I knew exactly the characteristics I was looking for but not the kind of dog that fit those needs. I went to the internet, filled out a survey and was surprised to see a Russian Spaniel. I fell in love instantly. The website led me to the Russian Spaniel Club and Anna. We kept in touch with Anna for several months, waiting for our puppy to become available. When we were told that there were some puppies available, I looked at the pictures and immediately knew that I wanted Puppy 1. Living in Alaska made the arrangements a bit more difficult but with patience, a little bit of worry, help from alot of strangers and an overnight stop in San Francisco, Raina finally arrived the first week of October. She is everything we hoped for and has brought much joy
to our lives.

We were very skeptical at first about getting her over the internet, from
Russia, from people we didn't know. It was a large sum of money to be sending to someone with no guarantees. And I am amazed at how everything did eventually work out with only one missed flight. Raina is healthy, happy and a bundle of energy and we are very happy to have her!

Vicky Mathews, owner of Raina, Anchorage, AK

If you are serious about importing a Russian Spaniel Puppy, the Russian Spaniel Club and Anna are the way to do it! When we decided a Russian Spaniel was the puppy for us, we were very skeptical about importing it from Russia. We were nervous about sending a large amount of money to Russia, to a stranger, without any guarantees. We wondered if we would ever see a puppy; and if we did see a puppy, would it really be a Russian Spaniel puppy. Well, we not only saw a Russian Spaniel puppy at the cargo terminal at the airport; we saw OUR happy, healthy, friendly Russian Spaniel puppy. Our vet's office was thrilled to actually meet a Russian Spaniel and she received a clean bill of health from them. Elena, our puppy keeper, took very good care of Nika and she has had no problems adjusting to our family (including our son's black lab/airedale mix who visits often). She melts the hearts of everyone who meets her!

Stephen and Chris Ramsey, owners of Nika(Nerl'), Lafayette, IN

Beloshka We spent six months looking at different breeds trying to find one that fit with us. The one dog that embodied everything we were looking for was the Russian Spaniel. I was very hesitant about getting a dog through the internet. I requested to speak directly to one of the club officers to relieve my anxiety. The VP gave me her number and spoke over the phone. I felt more secure and three weeks later had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Belka and she is everything that we hoped she would be. I would deffinitely do it agaiin. The club officers are very helpful and accommodating and made the experience of getting a Russian Spaniel from Russia straightforward and troublefree.

Meredith Myers, owner of Beloshka, Tucson, AZ.


When I decided to get a dog, I knew what personality traits, mannerisms, size, temperament that I wanted, so when I got to the Russian Spaniel,
read the information - then I saw the picture. I was in love - they were
perfect. I looked for breeders - ended up with one source, Anna from the
Russian Spaniel Club. I contacted her to find out more information and where I can find a puppy. Imagine the surprise when she says Russia - I almost let the conversation end, the $ signs flew across my head but I asked more questions and found out that it wasn't any difference price wise than buying a AKC registered puppy here. So we started the process of finding a litter (or I should say Anna did). She found the litter, contacted the breeder, made all of the arrangements and even introduced me to a couple in San Jose that wanted a puppy and we were able to split some of the costs, Fran and Brian. I think our journey was a little more unique being that we were bringing 2 pups together and had a carrier and we had a few road blocks and I didn't let out my breath until they landed in the US. I did have a few reservations wiring money to someone that I didn't know in a country that I had never been for a pup that I had never held and only had a picture. It was a great leap of faith and I would do it again. Chelsee is the most wonderful dog with a bright personality and is the joy of my life. So much so that I am now thinking of bringing over another pup in the future. Oh, and Chelsee's sister Tillie - we stay in touch and let the girls visit each other. They are family now.

Becky Hadley, owner of Chelsee Baby, Los Angeles, CA

Betty Docya

I found the Club by searching for "Russian Spaniel" on the Internet. Even though I am from Ukraine and could have done everything myself, I wanted professional people to find and deliver the dog. With this letter I would like to thank Anna and Liz, who were in touch with clubs in Russia for couple of months, and in the end, gave me an opportunity to choose the puppy I was looking for. For those who can not decide, I would like to say that it's big issue to find healthy and strong puppy in USA, because of inbreeding. Russian breeders always had serious concerns for breeding healthy dogs. I can truly say that by buying a puppy from Russia you are not only getting faithful friend, but also a healthy and strong puppy!!!

Iryna Grutman, owner of Betty Docya, Chicago, IL

Frantiska Anya

I have made many purchases over the internet, but buying Anya through the internet and the Russian Spaniel Club tops them all! From the start, I felt very comfortable purchasing a puppy with the help of the Russian Spaniel Club. They answered the questions I had about the breed and were very knowledgable. The actual process of getting my puppy, Anya, to me was very simple and quick. She arrived healthy and has settled into our family amazingly well. She cuddles with the cat and is becoming obedient. I am amazed at how intelligent she is and how quickly she learns. On her second day in the U.S. the dog trainer met with us and kept saying, "Are you sure you haven't taught her that already?" The Russian Spaniel Club is true to its name as I feel it really is a "club" or family. I enjoy seeing updated pictures of the other Russian Spaniels and seeing new puppies added. I am thankful for having Anya and give that thanks to
the Russian Spaniel Club.

Alicia Murphy, owner of Frantiska Anya, McAllen, TX

Chantilly Lace Last year we lost our beloved beagle Bailey, and were soon looking for a new puppy. since we are embarking on a 3 year adventure aboard our boat, we has a long list of characteristics we wanted in a dog. after an extensive internet search, we came across The Russian spaniel, only to find out they were not available in this country. we contacted the russian Spaniel club, and anna took us by the hand and led us through the process and stuck with us even though there were some up's and down's and some breath holding times. Finally our puppiy Tilley along with her sister Chelsee arrived in Houston, an Fran and I drove there to pick them up. This would have been somewhere between very difficult and impossible to do with out the club and especially Anna's help.

Fran and Brian Jacobs, owners of Chantilly Lace, Los Gatos, CA



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