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RSC Chicago Meeting

September 23, 2006

Group photo not available yet....

Bialystok (a.k.a. Baily)

2.5 years old male

Baily 1Baily 8

More pictures of Baily here >>>

Nerl' (a.k.a. Nika)

3 years old female

Nika 2Nika 6

More pictures of Nika here >>>


1.5 years old male

Ricci 2Ricci 6

More pictures of Ricci here >>>

Bari-Rona (a.k.a, Nyuta)

1 year 9 months old female

Nyuta 11Nyuta

More pictures of Nyuta here >>>

We also had Chara Ryzhulya (not a candidate for breeding) and Margo Nikalena (evaluated earlier) among us. We want to thank John VanDerMeulen and his family for being the hosts to our gathering! It was great meeting everyone!

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