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Date Posted: Monday, December 17, 2007, 11:42:40 PM     view guest profile  reply to this message  send private message to guest  Edit this post. 

Hi, I've read with great interest your web site and on the internet on the Russian Spaniel breed. I have a few more questions though. First off, I have 5 acres in Western Washington that is approximately 250' off a highway. It's not completely fenced in. Will a Russian Spaniel stay near the house or will it wonder off, following a sent or something if let outside to run around on it's own. This hasn't been a problem with my other dogs in the past which have been Lab/Dalmatian mix, Beagle mix, Australian Shepard/Lab mix among others. I've read about other Spaniel type breeds can be some what "aloof" if not contain in a fenced yard. Secondly, I have 5 chickens, a pair of geese in a fenced off pasture. Occasionally, the chickens get loose and roam around in the yard until we notice them that they are not where they are supposed to be. Would the Russian Spaniel try to get at them in the pasture or if the chickens get out, would it go after them (the Australian Shepard mix did this a few times, killing a few she could get). I'm not worry about the geese. In this same pasture is a Llama also. I wouldn't think this would be an issue but let me know if it is or could be. This might be a strange question but I've got to ask. Do the Russian Spaniel have a strong dog smell to them like a German Shepard or Lab? I have a minor allergy to strong dog smell. We currently have a Pappion and it does not effect me what so ever. I didn't know this was going to be so lengthy but I' a couple of hunting questions That I'll try to make it brief. I do a little bit of upland bird hunting in areas that can be marsh like with thick cattails to arid land (ie: Eastern Washington). One of the people I go with has a Brittney that, at least to me, is phenomenal in working in these type of terrain, finding the rare pheasant, especially in the cattails. How would the Russian Spaniel compare to the Brittney in the hunt? Would sparse birds be a problem? We may see 4 to 8 birds in a day on average. Will that's it for now, thanks in advance for taking the time in giving me what information you can. Take care, Mike B.

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