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From: Houston, TX
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Date Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2006, 11:10:48 AM     view Anna profile  reply to this message  send private message to Anna 

For those of you in IL...

Copied from


If any of you know someone around Illinois (mostly central) that has a "field type" spaniel (fbESS, fbECS, fbACS, Clumber, Field Spaniel, Boykin, etc.) there is a group of us starting a "spaniel club" for the training and enjoyment of their hunting companions. A couple folks train for field trials and I train for hunt tests and others just train for fun and hunting. What ever your fancy is you can train for it and get assistance from the other "members".

Email me at with name, address, phone number and I'll get you added to our contact list. We have a "club" get together once a month and then there are other training sessions done by members who just want to get together for more training.

central Illinois

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