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From: Somewhere, TX
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Date Posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2005, 11:25:08 AM     view admin profile  reply to this message  send private message to admin 

To the Russian Spaniel owners:

Our club and breed is in trouble. As the number of dogs in the US/Canadian region increases, so does the number of dogs fixed by their owners. We, the leaders of the club, put in an enormous amount of time, effort and even our own money to help with the importation of world-class puppies. We do it for the sole purpose of establishing this wonderful breed here in North America.

Now, as many of the imported puppies have matured and are ready to be evaluated for breeding purposed, we find that many owners simply ignored these sacrifices on our parts and spayed/neutered their dogs, even without the courtesy of letting us know. If this continues, not only we will not have any locally-born dogs, but the clubs in Russia will stop allowing us purchasing puppies from their breeders.

Only you, the owner of a Russian Spaniel, can decide whether this breed will survive. At this point of time we are desperate for help from you. We need information about your dog. Contact us as soon as possible (no later than September 19th) and let us know your current situation by answering this questionnaire via email ( Even if you think we know your situation, we still need to get this response so we can input it into the club's breeding database.

  • Dog's formal name:
  • Dog's call name:
  • Dog's date of birth (month/year):
  • Imported/US born:
  • Fixed (y/n):
  • If yes, give a detailed explanation of your reasons (so we can foresee similar situations in the future):
  • Owner's name:
  • Owner's mailing address:
  • Owner's phone numbers (day and evening):
  • What would you recommend we do to prevent the catastrophe of our efforts being in vain?

If the dog has not been fixed, please answer the following.

  • When (after your dog is 18 month old) would you be able to breed him/her and what would prevent you from doing so:
  • If female, when was the last heat cycle and how often are they:

We are waiting for your emails.

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Registered: 01/09/05
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Date Posted: Monday, September 26, 2005, 01:34:02 PM     view Elaine profile  reply to this message  send private message to Elaine 


  Just wondering how things are going with the Club's review of member spaniels; will some type of information be available to all?  Not to rush, just curious.


Elaine and Nikalena


From: new jersey
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Date Posted: Sunday, October 02, 2005, 01:15:20 PM     view tatiana profile  reply to this message  send private message to tatiana 

Hello to everybody! There are some major problems that the club encounters now. And it is up to the members to solve it. There is only one fully trained expert on the breed in the US. She lives in New Jersey. There are also three other people who can look at the dogs and at least discover major problems preventing dogs to be used in breeding. The problem is that Anna is in Texas, Liz - in Maryland and I am in New Jersey. And all of us do have full time jobs and families with small children. And everything has been done on volonteering so far. It costs time and money to travel to evaluate individual dogs. We are willing to put time into it. We will need support from individual dog owners as well as help from all of the members. The main thing now is to be patient and not to rush to fix dogs. All dogs are very young and they do have plenty of time to be bred. We have the dogs of best blood lines from all over in Russia. They are very highly prized pure-bred. And over the next year we will do our best to take a look at all available for breeding dogs and find them suitable mates. We also need a person understanding non-profit company registration to help register the club. Without it we can not even collect membership dues to help finance club needs. If anybody has any suggestions please, do not hezitate to post it. And again. Please, do not fix your dog. We know that all of you paid your money. But it would cost you 2-3 times that amount to get dogs of that quality of any other breed. There is also money spent by Anna and Liz on each of the dogs imported. And for that I am sure they do have a say in the destiny of each dog. Tatiana

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Date Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 12:00:30 PM     view CraftyChris profile  reply to this message  send private message to CraftyChris 

I just wanted to let you know that I just recently received the name of someone who might be able help us get our non-profit status.  I still have to contact him and see if he will help.  I will let you know.

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