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From: new jersey
Registered: 02/16/05
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Date Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 10:46:30 PM     view tatiana profile  reply to this message  send private message to tatiana 

Hi everybody! I am sorry that no postings from Chicago were made. Simply I did not have time to do it. Plus I am very bad with computers. But I managed to attend two Russian Spaniel club meetings in St.Petersburg and Moscow and evaluate dogs with the top experts in breed. All the dogs I saw in Chicago are fine for breeding. We have discussed it with Anna and will try to find the best mates for them. I will be in Toronto in mid october for a meeting. I would like to know if there are people willing to have their dogs evaluated for future breeding. Please, post your responses here or e-mail to the club. Tatiana

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From: Houston, TX
Registered: 01/09/05
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Date Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2006, 06:30:29 PM     view Anna profile  reply to this message  send private message to Anna 

Tatiana, there are 4 possible candidates for evaluation in Toronto. Hopefully at least one of them responds!

Efstathio Kapetsonis (Toronto) owner of Didi

Leonid Ermolov (Ottawa) owner of Ikar-2

Morven Bellinger (Kitchener) owner of Alexandra

Donna Polson (Thunder Bay) owner of Gracie

If more then one dog shows up, it's ok to invite Didi's pups. Although they don't have pedigrees and can't be bred, they might enjoy meeting other Russian Spaniels. 

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